Takuya Iwasaki / 岩崎 琢哉

Born in 1964 in Wakkanai, Hokkaido, I graduated from Hokkaido University of Education. After working in a cram school and an advertising planning company, I ventured out on my own. At the age of 45, I left Hokkaido and worked at the Osaka University Office of Management Planning and the Cabinet Office's Science and Technology Bureau in my current position. My true profession lies in teaching mathematics and arithmetic, but somehow, I found myself involved in university admissions publicity. This led me to roles in research publicity, specialized research support, and university management assistance. While employed at Osaka University, I obtained a master's degree in university management and policy from the University of Tokyo's graduate school. I currently reside in Tokyo and am the father of two daughters.

1964 年北海道稚内市生まれ。北海道札幌南高等学校、北海道教育大学 卒業。学習塾、広告企画会社を経て起業。45 歳のときに北海道を離れ大阪大学経営企画オフィス、内閣府科学技術部局を経て現職。本職は数学の教科指導実務ですが、大学の受験生募集広報に従事し、そこから研究広報、研究支援専門職、大学経営支援へと渡り歩いた形。東京大学にて教育学(大学経営・政策)の修士号取得。東京在住、娘ふたりの父。

Experience / 経歴

LinkedIn en: Government Info Service Support, University Outreach Specialist, Production Company Manager, Educational App Developer. M.Ed.

LinkedIn jpn: 政府情報サービスの運営サポート、大学の広報アウトリーチ、制作会社経営、教科教育用アプリケーションの設計開発 の実務経験があります。教育学修士。




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